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Nutritional Therapy

There are many variations of eating disorders and so proper nutritional therapy will also take a varied approach depending on the type of eatind disorder and the individual needs of the client.

In general, nutritional therapy seeks to "...develop a neutrality toward food through re-developing intuitive understandings of hunger, fullness and satiety."

- The National Eating Disorders Association

Registered Dietition vs Nutritionist

While most registered dietitions consider themselves nutritionists, there is actually a significant difference.

A nutritionist must complete a course of study that is typically 10-12 weeks and upon completion receives a certificate for specific nutrition 'coaching'.

A registered dietition or RDN has much more rigourous requirements including:

  • Earning a Bachelors or higher level degree from an accredited institution.
  • They must have an appropriate amount of experience.
  • They must pass an Ohio State Medical Board exam.
  • They must renew their license every 2 years.
  • License renewal requires completing continuing education.
  • This is not to say that a standard nutritionist cannot be helpful. We simply suggest verifying the credentials of any nutritionist you choose to see because the levels of education and experience can vary.

    Given the common medical complications that can arise with eating disorders however, we do recommend seeking help from a nutritionist who is a Registered Dietition (RD/RDN) that specializes in nutritional therapy for eating disorders.

    Registered Dietitions in Central Ohio

    Here are several Registered Dietitions in Central Ohio who specialize in treating individuals with an eating disorder.

    Other Resources

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