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Support Group Rules and Guidelines

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  • Support vs Therapy:   These groups are about support and validation from others with similar experiences. These groups are NOT “therapy groups” and therefore are not for processing underlying psychological issues or cognitive/behavioral processes.
  • Be Respectful:   Please treat each other with respect and understand and respect that everyone is at a different place in their recovery.
  • Please Be On-Time: Being on time is critically important for several reasons. First and foremost, it is disruptive to the group to have others joining in the middle. Second, we will review these guidelines and expectations and other announcements at the beginning of each group. Finally, 60 minutes goes by fast and we want to make sure we can address any possible technical issues or questions in a timely manner so we can make the best use of everyone’s time and have these support groups be a positive experience for everyone, For these reasons, no one will be admitted to the call after 6:45 pm or 15 minutes after the group has started.
  • Avoid Discussing Numbers and 'tips':   Discussing weight and calories in specific numbers can be triggering to others in recovery. Please do not discuss specific weight, calories, foods eaten, etc. so that others are not adversely impacted. This also develops good habits when communicating with loved ones who may have an eating disorder.
  • Use "I" Statements:  Everyone's experiences are unique as are their feelings and opinions. Please be sure to use "I" statements when discussing feelings, frustrations and experiences. ex: "I felt angry when a similar situation occurred to me." or "My experience was positive when I tried speaking to my loved one while we walked in the park." Avoid statements like: "You'll feel better if you...." or "If I were you, I would have felt...."
  • Please Do Not Leave In The Middle Of The Group: Unless it I an emergency, please do not leave the call once group has started. Leaving and returning frequently or leaving suddenly can be disruptive to the support process and turn the focus away from the support process. In addition, as per the punctuality guideline, we may not be able to re-join you to the meeting more than 15 minutes after it starts.
  • Be Present and Participate:   While we can all feel self-conscious at times and not believe that we have something to contribute, support groups are about providing AND receiving support from others. Your participation is important to everyone because we all have a voice and our stories can have a positive impact on others, even if we do not realize it.
  • Eating During Group Is Permitted: Meals and snacks are non-negotiable and groups are not an excuse to avoid them. If you need to eat during the group time, please feel free to do so.
  • Use Of Video Is Required:   So we can attempt to visually verify participants eligibility to join the groups and that participants are in a safe and confidential space, we require all participants use both video and audio throughout the session.
  • Dress Appropriately:   Support groups are not fancy occasions so please dress comfortably. However, these are virtual video conferences so please be sure to avoid wearing anything that may be considered offensive, vulgar, violent or provocative. What is considered to be appropriate or inappropriate is up to the discretion of the facilitators.
  • Do Not Join While Driving:   Although it may seem obvious, please do not join the groups while you are driving. Distracted driving is a significant problem today and joining a virtual support group while driving is certainly in line with distracted driving.
  • Find A Quiet and Safe Space:   Support groups, while not therapy groups, can still be an intense and very personal experience. Please be sure you are joining from a safe, quiet and confidential space that is free of distractions and interruptions which can be disruptive to the group and the support process.
  • Maintain Confidentiality:  Support only works if participants are open and honest in the group. This can only be facilitated by an assurance that what is discussed among the group will be held in complete confidence by everyone participating. This is another reason for choosing the space from which you join wisely to avoid others interrupting you and potentially violating the confidentiality of the support group. In addition, you must not discuss specific stories and experiences outside of the group and you must respect the anonymity of the group participants.
  • Revisions and Updates:  These rules and guidelines may be revised and updated at any time

Violation of these guidelines may result in being asked to leave the group or being banned from attending future groups.

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